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So far there have been only glimpses of spring on the West Coast, but it’s approaching  February and it can only be a matter of time before the spring sun warms the cockpit again and we shake winter out of the sails under a stiff  breeze.   In the meantime, my land locked mind does go a little (wooo-hooo) bonkers.

Sideways Sally had been fantasizing for a few hours about drifting along on OMOO among the outer passages of Vancouver Island, while driving in a snow storm…

I was brought to my senses when lights started flashing in front of me and the Po Po  waved the traffic past a car that had slid off the road and into a three foot snow drift, luckily into a very flat ditch.  No it’s NOT SIDEWAYS SALLY going sideways.

1053176_10151690903935552_1079344986_o Sideways with Chef Kelly

I’d taken a winter road trip in the prairies…

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Happy Birthday Skipper

pre-party pics added. Judy, Eileen, Tanis, the ladies who made it happen!!


Last weekend we threw a surprise birthday party for Hershey.  He turned 68 and is feeling good so we celebrated!!  Ken and Tanis showed up for a “game of chess” and an early Birthday drink on Saturday.  After Angus, our 8 yr old neighbor who loves chess also beat Hershey and Ken,  they convinced him that some  boating friends who were renting the float home wanted to say hi.  Tanis just “happened to be talking to them in the parking lot.”

What fun!!  Judy and I had been scheming all week, had stocked up with the goods and checked into the float home Friday.  Hiding there got the party started early!!  THANX EILEEN!!  Here’s some pics from the morning coffee off the deck looking toward Bird’s Eye Cove with  Judy’s new Canon EOS Rebel.

Thirty friends showed up for the BIG SURPRISE.  It was and is the Party of a…

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