This is my sky.

The Museum of Human Rights and Esplanade Riel. From the Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba

I’m back on the prairies and in my favorite color, blue blue blue.

I’m in the blue rehab house with family who are spoiling me rotten. There is a bountiful supply of fresh tomatoes for toasted tomato sandwiches with my morning coffee.

Now I’m in pink. With my most lovely sister-niece, Misty. She got married this summer. Her husband Adam wore blue.

I’m three weeks into recovery from spinal surgery. We had a dance party last night. Nathaniel Rateliff was there.

He wore blue. He’s helping me go through withdrawal from my meds. Life is real again.

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Sailor, nurse, Mom, Grandma.... living my passion and dream life for the last twenty years. There are so many stories of how I got here. Come share my adventure!! Learning from the journey is key.

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