New Crew to OMOO

WE MADE IT!! We can have crew to OMOO again!!

Nobody is happier than the Skipper and 1st Mate to be back out there with a boat load of new crew and salty friends on four legs. It is pure joy for us.

My work family arrived to Maple Bay by car, floatplane and boat on Canada Day weekend. YES, there were experienced and capable crew that we want to kidnap and keep aboard. AND they come with dogs!! I have to say, I have to pinch myself when all this comes together. We are truly the luckiest to have OMOO and crew.

Zack and Hershey get acquainted while Oscar says grace (wink wink).

Then it’s out for a day sail and the breeze was SWEET!! We tacked north and west in Stuart Channel to Tent Island.

Zack track, Jack and Sideways Sally

Oscar took the wheel and got us to Tent Island for a lunch hook and a swim.

We’re keeping him!!!

Three of us flopped into the dingy and toured the sand stone cliffs. Zack jumped in and Jackie got some help from Sideways Sally as she perched on the side of the dingy contemplating too long…

Zack is an amazing colleage, nurse and friend. Although he sucks at putting on bandaids.

This lady is the life of the party wherever we go!! LUV you to pieces Suzanne!!

It was an unforgettable weekend because my work family met my best friends on their boat Imposter, and they all fell in love!! What’s not to love? Jen and Kelly were the hosts with the most!! They brought Imposter down to Maple Bay and cooked for the whole crew all weekend!!

My dearest friends Jen and Kelly

These people are beautiful, OMOO is beautiful, Maple Bay is beautiful.


Monkey and Phaghty (Fatty) getting some treats and lovin’ from the Skipper.

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  1. An awesome weekend all round! Thanks so much to you, Harold, Kelly and Jen for your hospitality and special thanks to Skipper H for trusting me at the helm for a few tacks.

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