Projects and Purge

Spring cleaning started with a boat bottom clean and paint. It’s the first time in OMOO’s life with us that I was not able to do the bottom painting, which I love. I had knee surgery so couldn’t promise Hershey if I could be very helpful this year.

The yard guys at Maple Bay Marina were hired to do the work and help Hershey with changing a through hull in the forward head. (the valve that dumps the holding tank for the toilet in the v-berth) I explain these things for my prairie family.

Up she went…

Hauling out for bottom paint.

Next came the inside project clean up. Sideways Sally (aka boat slave) went to work with the Skipper’s help to sort, stow and purge tools, equipment and duplicate supplies. Surprise, surprise, we find many new items are purchased when we can’t find the old ones we had somewhere in the boat.


Sideways can’t live or work the same way the Skipper does so we work at it together and somehow it all works. Secret is, I get alot of pleasure out of mindless activity…

At the end of the day we get to go sailing and meet other boater on the water.

Our first trip of the year is usually Clam Bay

OMOO is happiest under sail. Projects and purging makes it happen. Thank you to the Skipper for keeping the boat in perfect running condition. Your first mate is ready for summer sailing!

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  1. Thank you Ruth. Love to you and my dear brother. So glad you are able to dig him out of the man cave each Spring with so much affection.

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