The world outside and the world we create in our minds has never been more affected and connected than by the pandemic. As I sit down to write about the years 2020 and 2021 and how we are learning to live with the pandemic, I’m stopped in my tracks with thoughts I don’t want to think about, never mind write about.

Perhaps that could be the reason it has taken me extra time to post this blog. I started writing this in February when it looked like we might have an end in sight with vaccinations under way. Then the variants started arriving as disruptions to the vaccine supply in Canada occurred. We now find ourselves in a race: variants vs vaccine.

The feelings are real. I feel like the things we all learned to do, like wearing masks, following arrows in the grocery store, social distancing, washing our hands for a full two minutes, only seeing family and friends via zoom (the list goes on and on) are trivial.

And yet, those things are not trivial, they protect us from becoming sick, or dying.

The tragedy of losing someone and the burden of caring for those who became ill are things I only hear about, or watch in the news.

As I watch 2020 slowly fade in the rear view mirror, and turn to face 2021, very slowly my feelings become my thoughts, rambling around, looking for a way out.


Waves of broken dreams

the first wave spreads across the ocean

to each new continent, another explosion

no visible barrier can stop an invisible foe

The wave keeps coming

we watch and we wait

how to stop it… we don’t know

Mother Earth watches

her spirit weeping,

tears burning


deep upon the people

hard learning, faster to find

the puzzle pieces that heal this time


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Sailor, nurse, Mom, Grandma.... living my passion and dream life for the last twenty years. There are so many stories of how I got here. Come share my adventure!! Learning from the journey is key.

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  1. You missed your calling Sally. You could have been poet laureate. Great words of wisdom. All the best to you and the Skipper.. Here’s to a great upcoming summer!!!

    1. Thank you so much Scott!! My next post will be reflections from others and what they learned the most during the pandemic so far. Any thoughts? Luv ya.

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