So that’s enough of being stuck to the dock!!  SS finished the cushion project, took a look at the weather forecast, listened to the marine weather channel and suggested to the Skipper that they get out, stay local and get in some sailing.  He took all of two seconds to agree and the next morning they let the lines go and off they went.  Into Stuart Channel with wind was steady at 10 knots and OMOO breezed along, tacking back and forth.

Sea Sparrow were already in the channel under sail so you know we have to race.  SS hailed them on the VHF and had a chat.  Len  said as soon as they saw OMOO they thought “when they pull out their new big sails they’ll run right over us.”   A few hours later and a lovely afternoon of sailing they were all anchored in Clam Bay.

When Sideways Sally thinks about the new normal, she’s feeling very grateful that life on a boat in isolation is not that much different than when they are out travelling up and down the coast. They are self contained, self sufficient and when going to remote areas, don’t often see people anyway.  So there Covid-19, you can’t bother her!! She used to look at boats from land, and think “what do people do all day on a boat.” Since sailing for the last 17 years, 7 on her own 27′ Coronado, and almost 10 with the Skipper on his 43′ Jeanneau, she’s learned there is lots to do on a boat, and it takes all day!


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