Happy Canada Day

Oh Canada, True North Strong and Free.  We are very proud and grateful to live in this  beautiful and peaceful country.  And this last month we are especially thankful for our medical system that saves lives every day.

Enjoy an amazing, healthy and peaceful Canada Day everyone!!



Well, we are back in home territory, and a weeeee bit closer to being home home.  Last night Hershey got moved to CDH (Duncan hospital) and was very happy about it.

We were still in the large spacious room in Victoria, with a private bathroom and a view when we came up with the idea that it was so big we could rent out some space on Air BnB.   We figured $200 was about right, especially cause of the view….  it did have a sofa bed (hehehe).

It is so wonderfully typical of the Skipper when I said, ” what good care you got in Victoria,” and his reply was, “I met so many nice people.”   Yes, nice people are everywhere when it comes to the Skipper.  Has nothing to do with the way he’s always interesting and interested, wink wink.  “Where are you from, who’s your parents, what’s your dog’s name?”

So, we’re about to start week 4 of the this medical adventure.    Right now it’s just a couple more days of getting the warfarin up to a therapeutic level so the heparin drip can be stopped then it’s back to OMOO to rest up and regain some strength.    Soon we’ll be back to this:  CAN’T WAIT!!!



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