In Between Seasons

Some family time comes before sailing season, and the instant summer on the prairies is just perfect.  It’s plus 20 under the Saskatchewan sunshine, the crocus’s are out on a hilltop bathed in warmth, and the pussy willows are swaying in the breeze down by the creek.

It’s Max time with days getting longer and a few free days off work which makes for a very happy Silly Gramma.  We hit the trails running this morning, finding some rocks to take home to paint and some walking sticks that turn into magic swords.  Gramma gets to be Wonder Woman when we all the sudden turn on our super powers.

My grandson has alot of imagination, and there’s never a dull moment.  But in the words of my little girl (who’s 33) when she was 4, “a girl without an imagination is like a car without wheels.”  And so it goes with little kids, it’s play time all day.

I think of the big city where I work, with all it’s busy craziness, and the ocean with all it’s vast beauty and compare it to the open prairie sky, and feel so so lucky to be in this beautiful life.

Spring means Easter Egg Hunts all over the country, and Silly (the other name I have besides Sideways Sally) made it in time to help play the Easter Bunny.  We all met at Barry and Karen’s (my children’s father and his lovely wife) for the hunt, with Max helping little Wendy find the goods.   It was all so so so cute,  the video’s a little long but I couldn’t help myself.

Grab your morning coffee and enjoy.  Happy Spring to everyone!!




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