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So far there have been only glimpses of spring on the West Coast, but it’s approaching  February and it can only be a matter of time before the spring sun warms the cockpit again and we shake winter out of the sails under a stiff  breeze.   In the meantime, my land locked mind does go a little (wooo-hooo) bonkers.

Sideways Sally had been fantasizing for a few hours about drifting along on OMOO among the outer passages of Vancouver Island, while driving in a snow storm…

I was brought to my senses when lights started flashing in front of me and the Po Po  waved the traffic past a car that had slid off the road and into a three foot snow drift, luckily into a very flat ditch.  No it’s NOT SIDEWAYS SALLY going sideways.

1053176_10151690903935552_1079344986_o Sideways with Chef Kelly

I’d taken a winter road trip in the prairies…

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