jagged little pill

The winter rains have set in for the NWP so boaters are hunkered down or migrating to warmer climates.  This year is no different for the skipper as medical conditions prohibit him from travelling outside of Canada so hunker down it is.  This can get to be a bit of a long haul no matter which way you look at it.

Sideways Sally is staying put as well, altho she’s having to nail one boot to the floor to do it… last winter in Australia is a pretty sweet memory.

BUT it’s only four months till sailing season, at least the prep for it and I’m not counting November cause it’s half over.  December is full of Christmas Parties and holidays so that goes by quickly and then it’s only three months, but who’s counting???

Here’s an Alanis Morrisette tune to some great sailing I luv, and I encourage everyone to “bite more off than you can chew to anyone”.



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