What a day!!  We left Denham Bay and our friends to catch the tide down Discovery Passage to Campbell River and a flight for SIDEWAYS to get back to the big stink.  It was such a beautiful calm day as we floated along with the current and a light breeze.

Our first sighting was of the illusive Humpback feeding along the shore.  These whales are hard to get pics of for two reasons.  They feed for long periods of time, and they don’t sound or use sonar like orcas so we never try to get too close to them since they can come up right under the boat.

BUT the next sealife entertained us for literally hours as they jumped and fished and came for a visit around us.  Such a treat to be side by side with these friendly white sided Pacific Dolphins.

Then at the end of Discovery Passage, just as we had transitted Ripple Rock (where there’s lots of turbulance) a pod of Orcas were feeding there way through Menzies Bay.  I didn’t get a good pic but there was a baby Orca sticking close to Mama.  Such a thrilling day.  It leaves us ecstatic, happy and feeling SO LUCKY!!


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