Back in Maple Bay my friends and luvin life on G-Dock.   Shin-dig tonite to celebrate new live-aboard VIC and ROCKY.  These folks are precious and Sideways got it goin with a few extra special things like a “Vote the Boat” contest which ended up in a Kazoo concert….

GOOD NEWS IS …  at the end of the nite it’s OFFICIAL.  MAY 2017 G-DOCK FLOTILLA happening…. this will be a 1st so countdown is ON!!!  Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr…. MAY.  6 months from now…  WOOOHOOO!!!  Where to go??  Montague, Clam Bay, Nanaimo, and Beyond??  The possibilities are endless and the enthusiasm is building.  Let’s see what transpires over the winter months.

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Sailor, nurse, Mom, Grandma.... living my passion and dream life for the last twenty years. There are so many stories of how I got here. Come share my adventure!! Learning from the journey is key.

3 thoughts on “G-DOCK FOREVER”

  1. Thanks Ruth
    I miss you all so fondly. There was no better place than G-dock to spend my first year at sea

    1. Thank you Krystel, there’s great memories of you and the kids on the blog. We miss you all too. Please give me a call again so we can plan a time to visit. Hope all is well with you.

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