Hartley Bay was our next stop for fuel and a visit with the friendly locals.  These people were the first responders to the fateful grounding of the Queen of the North and we heard first hand the stories of the rescue efforts from this small northern Band.  It felt pretty freaky sailing through the area and imagining the terror of that night.

Around the point and north through Grenville Channel was a delightful week as a NW gale kept us hopping from one inlet to the next along this 67 mile stretch on the way to Prince Rupert.


The boat “Beyond the Stars” met us several times along the Channel and we met the crew in Prince Rupert who turned out to be a popular journalist for boating magazines.  Marrianne Scott writes regularly for North West Yachting.  Check her out, http://www.nwyachting.com/articles/up-the-irrawaddy/

We have had the pleasure of meeting several published guidebook writers and authors on our trips to the north.  Can’t wait to find more adventures this summer when we head to the Great Bear Rainforest and Fiordland.

Stay tuned!!

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