The routine in brutal.  Floating between majestic mountains in fiords of blue and green.  Surrounded by beauty I struggle to wake each morning after an absolutely uninterrupted peaceful slumber (only ten hours though).  It’s a chore to make my Columbian brew and sip the steamy stuff while the morning sun shines in my eyes.

Ugh, the job of choosing the next destination with only three comprehensive guide books to learn from.  How I am supposed to figure it out?  Then there’s that pesky business of the Environment Canada Technical Marine Forecast.  Blah, blah, blah.

Off we go, skimming across the glassy water, if only those birds and seals weren’t in the way.  We’re lucky to get to the next anchorage before noon, whew, this is hard work. We need sustanance, so lunch is on.  Then I’m exhausted and it’s hard to hold my book up so I nap.  Barely two hours later it’s beer time.  Oh, the effort to retrieve it from the bilge!  Now, do I go fishing or watch for fish?  Chatting to the skipper requires my attention so I pretend to get my rod and reel ready.  Three hours go by and it’s martini hour.  Heating up some chili for our bellies is my main job and it’s a hard one.

The sun dips too quickly and it makes me sleepy.  It’s been another hard day out here.  Can’t wait for tomorrow!,-126.2535844,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xb28695d9dd64a3c7


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