JUNE 4 – 5
Off the dock in Winter Harbor at 0700, sailing and fishing around Kwakiutl Point to Klaskish Basin in moderate swells and light winds with sunny and warm skies. Skipper says, let’s practice using the life lines today, better to get used to them in calm conditions then when we need them in big seas.
SS ties herself to the jack line on deck, to the rigging when setting up her fishing gear, and to the hand holds to go below, diligently working out the ways to do this without getting all twisted up. Checking to see how Hershey has his tied, she discovers he’s clipped into his PFD while sitting on the other end!! THAT WAS EASY!!
Finishing up my morning chores, I report to the skipper the morning business was complete in the head. “I emptied it, cleaned it and closed it.” The reply, “what about the toilet?”
Rounding Brooks Peninsula, we take a wide swing out into the ocean. It’s a very large piece of real estate and we navigate out to 200 foot depths where the swells are less. The rugged coast with swells and spray, along with forecasted 35-45 knot winds means we’re headed for Nootka Sound and the shelter of inside waters. The climate changes noticeably south of Brooks and we are into more sunshine and warmer temps as we wind our way into Walter’s Cove across from the village of Klaykuot.
Back on the dock by 1400 and enjoying the lively community of families coming and going in their boats and canoes, discussing their day’s catch on the water and gathering at the store for ice cream. We take advantage of the evening light for a photo op and get into a contest of the best shots. Turns out we both liked the very same pics taken of kelp caught in the barnacle covered pilings.DSC_3855 (2) DSC_3888

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